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New Patients

Save time at your first appointment by completing the necessary information form right now. Download the PDF form and choose to either return it via email or print a hard copy and bring to your first appointment.

We know you have completely individual needs. After talking over your wishes, goals and concerns about your mouth, and considering any relevant health issues, we will comprehensively assess every aspect of your oral health.

We don’t just look at teeth. We’ll also assess your gums and the bone supporting your teeth, make a routine check for oral cancer, and explain the impact of any habits you have on your oral health.

By the end of your first appointment you’ll fully understand any necessary treatment and all the available options to fix any problems. After answering your questions, together we’ll create a fully personalised treatment plan, to suit your schedule, lifestyle and budget.

The number, length and ideal timing of necessary appointments and all costs will be made clear. Allow about an hour for your first appointment. That leaves plenty of time to fully answer your queries and meet any special requirements you might have.