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Crowns strengthen and protect broken or weak teeth.

At Glenferrie Dental, we only use the very latest technology,metal-free, All-Ceramic materials. These materials are highly translucent. So they mimic natural tooth far better than anything previously available, which makes your new tooth completely life-like. We will comprehensively assess your tooth, explain all your options and together decide the best type of crown for you.

There are many types to select from. For example, front teeth, where appearance is paramount and very high strength is less critical, need a particular type of crown.

In back teeth, where appearance is slightly less critical, but very high strength is necessary, a different material is appropriate.

You can confidently leave all the technical details to us. Our Master Dental Ceramist will hand tint the crown in his laboratory to perfectly match it to your surrounding teeth.

Together we will create outstanding appearance and optimum function to last for years.