Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Lots Of People Get Anxious Or Apprehensive About The Dentist. We Understand.

And we’re empathetic. That’s why each of our staff does everything possible to help you relax. We can easily prescribe or simply give you a low dose tablet, which specifically targets anxiety and induces calm. You stay conscious and in control, but the time will pass more quickly and you’ll feel much more at ease. And if you like, we’ll play soft, relaxing music, chosen by you from our selection (or bring your own music).


Here are a few steps to help you deal with Dental Anxiety

Step 1:  Communicate with Your Dentist

Comforting patients with dental anxiety is the most basic step understood. You need to chat about your dental anxieties with your dentist. Talking about your worries to the dentist and their team will help them be mindful of your condition. Compared to average patients, they may follow a more attentive and comfortable dental care course for you. They’re never going to know if you never talk.

Step 2: Tell-show-do

This is a typical way for patients with dental anxiety to be treated. Here, the dentist first clarifies the operation they are about to perform. Then by conducting it on dummy teeth, this technique is demonstrated. The dentist also shows you the services they are going to use to conduct dental care. And eventually, dental care will be carried out by him or her. For kids who are afraid of the dentist’s chair, this approach is particularly helpful.

Step 3: Use Distraction

You can also distract your mind when your teeth are being treated by the dentist. Listening to music, watching videos or movies on TV, and even playing video games are forms of distraction. Blocking the sound of the drills can reduce levels of dental anxiety.

Step 4: A Sense of Control

When they know the dentist will perform the dental treatment as per the wish of the patient, patients can feel much better. For instance, when you find it very uncomfortable, you can request your Glenferrie Dentist to stop drilling your teeth.

 Step 5: Try some Relaxation Techniques

There are many techniques for relaxation that you can practice. Taking deep breaths, relaxation exercises to reduce muscle tension, and even a quick round of meditation can help you stay calm during dental treatment.


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