Gum Grafting at Glenferrie Dental Hawthorn

Gum Grafting

Misaligned gums can be caused by genetic factors, tissue thinness and positioning of the teeth. All these factors play a significant role in causing what is known as gum recession. Recession occurs when the supporting gum around a tooth recedes, exposing it to bacteria, cold temperatures and acidic environments. When the roots are exposed, it is often hard to manage and can cause painful sensitivity.

What Is Gum Grafting?

Traditionally, recessed gums are treated by covering the exposed  root surface of your tooth with a white filling. However over time, the filling stains or chips  and needs to be redone. This is problematic as each time a filling is preformed, there is an increased risk of further gum recession. 

An alternative approach to gum recession is to consider restoring the gum that was lost. This can be done during a minor surgical procedure with your own gum tissue or an artificial alternative. This will improve the quality and quantity of  gum surrounding your teeth.

Steps To Completing Your Gum Grafting Journey

Initial Consultation

After an initial consult, we will gather further information to accurately diagnose and treat your gum concerns. We may require moulds to be taken to assess the bite as well as other diagnostic records such as x-rays to assess bone availability (the bone supports the gum).

Gum Grafting

This visit is when the surgical procedure will be performed. Your dentist will discuss sedation options available to you. Every care will be made to ensure you have the most pleasant experience. 


Our care extends after surgery where we will track how you are progressing. This will typically last 1 – 2 weeks post treatment.

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