Single Tooth Implants

A full set of teeth enhances chewing efficiency and maintains facial structure. When one or more teeth go missing, functionality and facial balance is lost.  A single tooth implant is a simple treatment that allows a missing tooth to be restored. It is a routine procedure that has become the gold standard for treating patients. Loss of a single tooth can cause neighbouring teeth to drift, rotate and become loose. These minor effects eventually cascade into complex issues making it more difficult to treat.
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What Are Single Tooth Implants?

Single tooth implants are a predictable and safe procedure that restores a missing space with a tooth that functions normally. It is strong and can withstand normal chewing habits. The tooth is custom fitted and colour matched to ensure a naturally beautiful result. The dental implant consists of three different components. The dental implant itself is the screw that anchors itself into the bone and provides support to the ‘tooth’ when you chew. The second component is called the ‘abutment’ and that is an intermediary part that joins the ‘tooth’ to the dental implant screw. The third component is what you see and use – and that is the dental implant crown or the ‘tooth’.

Steps To Completing Your Single Tooth Implant Journey

Initial Consultation

After an initial consult, we will gather further information to allow us to diagnose and treat the missing tooth appropriately. We may require moulds to be taken to assess the bite as well as other diagnostic records such as x-rays to assess bone availability. Planning to this degree means we will have the most appropriate implant ready to go!

Implant Placement

This visit is where the dental implant screw is placed with precision into the jaw bone.  If you require a tooth extraction, it is possible to have this done during your implant placement. This will save you having to undergo two seperate surgeriesYour dentist will discuss the sedation options available to you. Every care will be taken to ensure you have the most pleasant experience.

Final Fit

The last phase of the implant procedure is to insert  your new ‘tooth’. A digital scan of your implant will be taken to capture its location in your mouth, carefully considering neighbouring teeth. This will allow us to expertly craft a tooth to refill the missing space. After a healing period of 3 months, the dental implant is ready to be put to use. 

The Cost of Single Tooth Implants

The cost of a single tooth implant starts at $4,500. This is a package price that includes the dental implant screw, implant abutment and implant crown. Visit dental implants cost in Melbourne to learn more. Please note that the price may vary for each single tooth implant as there are various factors and  conditions that will influence the reconstruction of a missing tooth. For example, some patients may require a bone graft or complete sedation services. Book in a complimentary consultation and visit Dentist Hawthorn for a  free quote.

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