ALL – ON – X

All-On-X is a graftless concept that aims to avoid complex and additional procedures like bone grafting to minimise discomfort and patient downtime. It has become the best option to regaining a set of missing teeth due to its strength, natural aesthetic and patient-centric considerations.  The procedure has evolved so that full set of teeth can be inserted in as little as  1 – 3 days. The All-On-X treatment aims to replace a set compromised teeth  with a minimum of four dental implants and a set of 10 – 14 teeth.
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Who Is Suitable For All On X?

All-On-X is an excellent treatment option if you:

  • Have multiple missing teeth and inadequate bone for conventional dental implant procedures
  • Have multiple missing teeth and require complex bone grafting procedures
  • Can’t tolerate conventional dentures/find dentures loose
  • Want to have an appropriate and adequate diet but have painful and/loose teeth
  • Have no teeth
  • Have speech problems with dentures and/or missing teeth

All-On-X has become the best alternative to a set of missing teeth due to its strength, natural aesthetics and patient-centric treatment protocol. The protocol has evolved to the point that a full set of teeth can be inserted within 1 – 3 days.

Steps To Completing Your All-On-X journey

Initial Consultation

After an initial consultation, we will gather further information to  to diagnose and treat your missing teeth appropriately. We may require moulds to be taken to assess your bite and other diagnostic records, such as x-rays to assess bone availability.

Smile Assessment

Your cosmetic dentist will assess the position of your teeth to ensure your new smile perfectly frames your face. A bespoke treatment plan will be carefully designed to ensure a tailored solution. 

Implant Placement

This visit is where the dental implant screw is placed with precision into the jaw bone.  If you require a tooth extraction, it is possible to have this done during your implant placement. This will save you having to undergo two seperate surgeriesYour dentist will discuss the sedation and anxiolysis options available to you. Every care will be taken to ensure you have the most pleasant experience.


At this appointment, your cosmetic dentist will insert the new bridge and assess your bite. Minor adjustments may be made to finesse a beautiful and natural aesthetic.

Final Application

At your last visit, our team will insert the final All-On-X implant bridge.

The Cost of All-On-X

The cost of an All-On-X procedure starts at $20,000. This package pricing includes the dental implants, screws, implant abutments and the All-On-X bridge. Please note that prices may vary for each case as there are various factors and conditions that will influence the reconstruction of the missing teeth. For example, some patients may require sedation services or a bone graft before starting the All-On-X journey. Book a complimentary consultation and visit Dentist Hawthorn or a free quote.

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