All-On-X is a concept. Patient centric, immediate and holistic, All-On-X aims to deliver a complete transformation with minimal downtime. The treatment for All-On-X aims to replace a set of heavily compromised teeth (or not teeth at all!) with a minimum of four dental implants and with a set of 10 – 14 teeth.


All-On-X is a graftless concept, it aims to avoid complex and additional procedures such as bone grafting to minimize discomfort and patient downtime. 


All-On-X is an excellent treatment option if you:


  • Have multiple missing teeth and inadequate bone for conventional dental implant procedures
  • Have multiple missing teeth and require complex bone grafting procedures
  • Can’t tolerate conventional dentures/find dentures loose
  • Want to have an appropriate and adequate diet but have painful and/loose teeth
  • Have no teeth
  • Have speech problems with dentures and/or missing teeth


All-On-X has become the best alternative to a set of missing teeth due to their strength, natural aesthetics and patient-centric treatment protocol. The protocol has evolved to the point that a full set of teeth can be inserted within 1 – 3 days.




Steps to completing your All-On-X journey


  1. First visit consultation – After an initial consult, we require further information to allow us to diagnose and treat the missing teeth appropriately. We may require some moulds taken to assess the bite as well as other diagnostic records such as x-rays to assess bone availability. 
  2. Smile assessment and facial analysis – Your cosmetic dentist will assess positions of teeth to be best framed by your face and smile. Every smile is bespoke. Designed just for you.
  3. Second phase implant placement – This is the visit where the dental implant screws are carefully placed with precision into the jaw bone for it to heal and support the planned teeth. Every care will be made to ensure you have the most pleasant experience, and we have different options for sedation and anxiolysis which we recommend.
  4. Third visit – Try-in of teeth. At this appointment, your cosmetic dentist will insert the new bridge and assess its fit to your face, your bite and make any minor adjustments.
  5. Fourth visit – The last visit of the All-On-X treatment process is to insert the All-On-X implant bridge.


The cost of an All-On-X procedure starts at $19,900. This is a package pricing that includes the dental implant screws, the implant abutments and the All-On-X bridge. Please do note that the price may vary for each specific case as there are specific factors and clinical conditions that will play a part in the reconstruction of missing teeth. For example, some patients may require a bone graft before starting the All-On-X journey or complete sedation services. For an accurate free quote, please book in for a complimentary consultation. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Is All-On-X for me?

If you’re wearing a denture or are unhappy with your teeth, All-On-X can be the most suitable option for you! All-On-X is holistically designed to dramatically improve the aesthetics and functionality of your smile – all without the fear of your teeth falling down like dentures would. 

Can I be asleep for my procedure?

Absolutely! Your comfort and care at Glenferrie Dental is our highest priority. We offer options of oral-anxiety medication as well as IV sedation and general anaesthetic to ensure your utmost comfort and a stress free environment. Please consult with your dental clinician about which option is most suitable for you.

Will there be discomfort after the procedure?

All-On-X treatment has a surgical component which means naturally, there will be some discomfort as your body heals and recovers. A pre-operative script with pain management medications and a post-operative care pack will ensure the discomfort is well managed. You will also have an after hours care number to ensure we are there with you every step along the way.

Do I need a bone graft?

All-On-X has been designed to be a graftless procedure. There are some local landmarks in the upper and lower jaws that allow us to angle the implants in a way to avoid bone grafting. However, this isn’t always able to be completely eliminated and bone grafting may need to be performed before All-On-X can be completed. Before commencing any surgical procedure, we will assess your bone availability with a 3-D dental scan to allow us to appropriately determine your treatment process, timeline and results.

How much downtime will there be?

We typically expect the recovery period for All-On-X to be around 7 days. As a normal part of the healing process, bruising and swelling will occur and peak around the 3rd day post surgery. Typically, this will subside from the 4th day onwards. Every patient is different however, and your dental surgeon will discuss your individual healing process with you as well as what you can expect.

How long do implants last?

When an implant is healed appropriately, it is very strong and fused with your jaw bone. An implant is made from very strong titanium and when it is cared for appropriately, it can last decades. There are implants that have been functioning with perfect health for 40 years!

Are there alternative solutions to having All-On-X?

Our treatment philosophy is to be as conservative as possible. Whenever possible, we would encourage you to maintain your teeth. However, this may not always be the case and if we did need to extract your teeth, other treatment options include conventional dentures (partial or full) and implant supported dentures. 

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