Implant Supported Dentures

The world of implant dentistry serves to also improve the traditional techniques of dentures and help reduce their discomfort and mobility. Dentures have long been a problem for patients as the dentures are wholly supported by soft and tender gum and the gum bears all the load when the patient bites down – sometimes causing ulcers and bleeding. 





While there are a myriad of options for restoring missing teeth with dental implants, it is also possible to add dental implants to help anchor an existing full denture. Lower dentures are one of the most unsuccessful and untolerated prosthetics and by adding a minimum of two dental implants, the fit and retention of the denture is completely transformed.



An implant supported denture has a leading benefit over implant solutions that are fixed – patients are able to remove them to complete their daily cleaning care routine with ease. 



The cost of an implant supported denture starts at $5,900. This is a package pricing that includes the dental implant screws, the implant abutments and relining/attachment to an existing denture. Please do note that the price may vary for each specific case as there are specific factors and clinical conditions that will play a part in the reconstruction of missing teeth. For example, some patients may require a bone graft, or a new denture or complete sedation services. For an accurate free quote, please book in for a complimentary consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions


I have an old denture - can I use it for dental implants too?

Yes! If you are happy with your denture and want to improve how they are secured with dental implants, we can certainly utilize your existing dentures. With dental implants, they will be far more secure than they were before.

If your dentures look a bit tired and you want to improve their aesthetics, we can also assist with a new set.

Will my dentures drop with dental implants?

One of the most common complaints about conventional dentures is that they are mobile and will sometimes drop out when you’re doing something as normal as laughing! 

With dental implants assisting, a denture is far more secure and won’t drop out any more. In fact, with implant supported dentures, you will be able to have a far more varied diet because the teeth won’t move around like they used to!

Do I still need to take out my dentures?

Like conventional dentures, implant supported dentures will still need to be removed at night to:

1. Allow for easy cleaning of the gums, implants and the underside of the denture and;

2. Allow your gums to breathe and rest

Leaving your dentures out at night is paramount for gum health and preventing infections. 

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