Managing Headaches & Jaw Pain

Headaches, face, neck, and jaw pain can all be caused, or worsened, by grinding and/or clenching your teeth. Clenching and grinding are very common. A Dental Night Guard, worn only while you sleep, can relieve all these problems.

It’s a custom-made, precision dental appliance, which causes the jaw and facial muscles to relax. Any residual clenching and grinding forces are absorbed by the Night Guard. This protects your teeth and / or fillings from chipping, cracking, premature wear and from becoming loose.

Stress alone doesn’t cause grinding, but it certainly makes your grinding or clenching worse, which also triggers migraine and tension headaches. For more information, visit Dentist Hawthorn today or call us at 03 9818 1930.


Grinding and Clenching

About half of us grind or clench, yet most grinders are completely unaware they do it.

Grinding / Clenching causes serious problems, including:

  • Jaw, neck and / or face pain.
  • Triggering of migraine and tension headaches.
  • Damage to nerves inside teeth, causing pain and sensitivity.
  • Cracking and chipping of teeth; then larger ‘chunks’ fracture off the tooth.
  • Fractured or broken fillings.
  • Bacteria then seep under the filling, causing decay.
  • Loosening of teeth.

A Night-guard prevents all this.

It’s custom-made and shaped to make your jaw and facial muscles relax. It covers only the biting surfaces of EITHER the upper OR lower teeth, NOT both jaws. Any clenching / grinding forces are absorbed by the night-guard, saving your teeth.

A Night-guard will:

Eliminate or reduce jaw, neck, face pain and headaches. Prevent wear / damage / chipping / cracking of your teeth. Protect your existing fillings and dental work.

Why do I grind / clench?

The latest studies indicate the urge to grind / clench arises in the centre of the brain.

Does stress cause grinding?

No. Stress makes grinding / clenching worse, but it does NOT cause it.

Can I stop myself grinding / clenching?

No. Not while sleeping. During daytime, with perseverance and self-discipline, you can train yourself to stop.

 Is the night-guard large?

No. It’s much smaller than most people expect. It covers ONLY upper OR lower teeth, NOT both jaws.

Will the night-guard affect my sleep?

No. Most people sleep badly if they do NOT wear their night-guard, once they’re accustomed to it.

How long do I need to wear the night-guard?

Indefinitely. The only way to protect your teeth is to wear it each night. How long will the night-guard last? Several years at least, in most mouths.

Do I wear the night-guard during the day?

Generally, no. Only when sleeping. However, some people chose to wear the guard while they drive to or from work, or when working privately at the computer.

How is the night-guard made?

1st appointment: We make a mould of your teeth. From this, the dental lab make the night-guard.

2nd appointment: We fit and adjust the guard until it is completely comfortable.

Check appointment: Either none or several adjustments may be needed. Any adjustments during the first 3 months are at no cost to you.

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