Dental Implants Overseas in Bali, Thailand, Vietnam or India – Costs and Risks

Dental Implants Overseas in Bali, Thailand, Vietnam or India – Costs and Risks - Glenferrie Dental

Dental implants are among the best options when it comes to replacing missing or damaged teeth.

However, implant dentistry can be costly, so naturally, you might assume that looking overseas as an option for cheaper dental implants could be a viable solution. But this may not be true.

Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implant surgery involves replacing tooth roots with metal, screw-like posts and replacing damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and act similarly to natural teeth. 

Dental implant surgery can be an excellent alternative to ill-fitting dentures or bridgework. 

It can also be a good choice when there aren’t enough natural teeth roots to install dentures or bridgework tooth replacements.

The type of implant used and the condition of your jawbone determine how the dental implant surgery will be performed. 

Several procedures can be needed during dental implant surgery. 

These procedures can include bone grafting, which helps prepare the jawbone or create better support for the implants. 

The implants are then placed in and given time to integrate with the jawbone. Once that happens, the abutment is attached, followed by the crown at the top. 

The main advantage of implants is that they provide solid protection for your new teeth, which is achieved by the bone healing securely around the implant. 

Since bone healing takes time and can take months to complete, getting dental implants in a foreign country is risky.

All of this requires personal consultations with the dentist to choose the right course of action. Also, X-rays are necessary. All this needs to be considered when looking at dental implants overseas. 

The Australian Dental Association has issued a warning about the potentially dangerous rise in dental vacations.


Cost of Dental Implants Overseas

By going overseas to countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and India, you can get dental implant surgery done for half of the cost you will get in Australia. This makes it an attractive option. However, there are a lot of other factors you need to consider. 

When you travel overseas for your dental implants, you need to consider flight costs, hotel costs and the time you need to be away from home. There are cases where you may need further surgeries, which would mean more extra fees. All of these things you would not need to consider if done locally in Australia. 


Is it safe to have dental implants abroad?

Since the dental regulatory bodies in each country have different requirements and regulations, having a dental implant abroad carries several risks.

Dental professionals in Australia are highly supervised, and if anything goes wrong, there are stringent follow-up procedures. If you do not receive the service and care you sort after, you will have commission boards and even the courts if you need (them) to provide you with an opportunity to fight your case and be protected.

However, none of those items is available outside of Australia. It is going at your own risk. 


What country is best for dental implants?

When you consider the hidden costs of dental implants abroad, it’s more cost-effective and better to get your treatment done in Australia, where you can expect a higher standard of care.

Dental implants are more costly than many other cosmetic dental procedures. Still, they are designed to last, provide structural support to the mouth, and have the most natural appearance and feel of all the missing tooth replacement choices. You will live with these implants for life, so you need to guarantee that they are done well, and you are happy with them.

Unfortunately, cosmetic dental operations are not covered by Medicare. However, your private health fund can compensate you, so review your existing policy and speak with your provider about your options.

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Dental implants are a significant undertaking that you would not want to entrust with just anyone. They are, however, worth the investment. 

It is the most commonly chosen option with patients for missing teeth, and you get a more natural look and feel. You are looking to improve and change your life.  

At the end of the day, you make a saving but can encounter many challenges. Put the health and care of your teeth in the hands of those you can trust. 

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