What Are Dentures? Everything You Need to Know!

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If you’ve lost your natural teeth due to damage or decay, replacing them and restoring your smile is necessary to avoid complications such as dropping facial muscles and a deteriorating jawbone. Dentures are one of the most reliable methods used to replace missing teeth and are an affordable, natural-looking solution used to restore your smile with ease. Here’s what you need to know about this treatment!

What are dentures made of?

Dentures are full sets of prosthetic teeth that can be taken out and put back into your mouth. Designed to imitate your natural teeth, the artificial teeth are made out of acrylic. A flesh-coloured base is made of either acrylic resin (plastic) or metal, and fitted over your gums to keep your teeth as secure as possible. With the advancement of dentistry, today’s dentures are designed to help you feel more comfortable than ever with your new prosthetic teeth.

Do you qualify for dentures?

Dentures are a popular treatment for patients who have experienced a significant amount of tooth loss and are missing most, if not all, of their teeth. Partial dentures are also available for patients who still have a few natural teeth remaining. Certain health complications such as gum disease, tooth decay or dental abnormalities may put you in line with needing a tooth replacement option such as dentures.

What dentures are available?

There are two main types of dentures to choose from- full and partial. Complete (full) dentures are used for patients who have lost all their natural teeth or have very few healthy teeth remaining. If you only have a few missing teeth, partial dentures can be fixed to your natural teeth using metal clasps or devices in order to fill in any missing spaces.

What is the treatment procedure?

Getting your dentures will begin with an initial consultation where your oral health will be thoroughly evaluated in order to root out the best tooth replacement option. Dental x-rays may also prove necessary for partial dentures, to determine if your teeth are strong enough to support the prosthetic. In certain instances, unhealthy teeth may need to be extracted to pave way for your dentures and healing time for this can vary. Impressions will then be taken of your mouth in order to get custom-fitted dentures. Immediate dentures can be fitted on the same day as extraction but conventional dentures take 2-3 weeks to design. Considering tooth replacement options and wondering if dentures are the right fit for you? Call Glenferrie Dental today for more inquiries or to make your appointment!

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