Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the teeth at the back of your mouth (the third molar teeth). In the late teens or twenties, they appear to come through (erupt). Some wisdom teeth do not come through completely (partly erupt) and get trapped against surrounding teeth or bone (or impacted). Sometimes this leaves a gum flap over your tooth. Others are rising too long (over erupt).

For one or more of the following reasons, a wisdom tooth may need to be removed.

  • Repeated or serious gum infection
  • Tooth Degradation
  • A wisdom tooth may grow too far and damage the gum or cheek.
  • To shift your jaw forward or backward, you may need an operation.
  • Your tooth can be in a position that makes it hard to properly clean it.
  • An orthodontist may need to make room for other teeth to shift backwards.
  • You may have a cyst or other jaw issues around your tooth,
  • Your tooth could be in the jaw fracture line

Are there any alternatives to removing a wisdom tooth?

The management of moderate pain caused by wisdom teeth can be assisted by basic painkillers such as paracetamol. When the area around the wisdom tooth is infected, antibiotics and rinsing with fresh, salty water or mouthwash with chlorhexidine will help. In some circumstances, it might be possible to remove the gum lying over the tooth (operculectomy) if a wisdom tooth has partially erupted. If your tooth’s root is close to the nerve that gives the lower lip sensation, only the crown of your tooth can be extracted (coronectomy).

What does the wisdom tooth removal procedure involve?

Under a local anaesthetic, most upper wisdom teeth can be removed quickly. Lower wisdom teeth can be tougher to extract. Removing a wisdom tooth may include cutting the gum to expose the tooth, removing the bone around the tooth, and using a drill to divide the tooth.

How soon will I recover?

It can require you to take up to a week off work. Within a week, you should be able to return to regular activities. Many individuals make a complete recovery.
Wisdom Teeth
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